About Us

Kollhoff BldgFred A. Williams and Son Insurance Agency, Inc. D/B/A Kollhoff Insurance Agency is a full-service, locally owned independent insurance agency, located in Ashtabula, Ohio. It’s roots date to 1823. In that year, Orramel Fitch, a famous Ashtabula attorney, received an appointment from the Aetna Insurance Company of Hartford Connecticut – their first in the Western Reserve. One of his policies on display in the agency was issued to Joshua R. Giddings –  a famous Ashtabula abolitionist and U.S. Congressman.

The agency grew and prospered and eventually was passed to Orramel’s nephew Fred A. Williams in 1878. Fred directed the business until 1929, when at the age of 76 he was struck by a truck in downtown Ashtabula and died shortly thereafter. His son Ned picked up the reins and successfully ran the business for the next 40 years. In 1969, Ned WIlliams sold the business to Jerry Kollhoff – a friend and Special Agent of the Hartford Insurance Company Group. This sale marked the end of one of Ashtabula County’s oldest single family held businesses and the start of another.

In the succeeding years, the agency merged the clients from a number of other Ashtabula County agencies, including The Keller Insurance Agency, The Baldwin Insurance Agency, The Carper Insurance Agency, The Peterka Insurance Agency, The McElroy Insurance Agency, The Mostello Insurance Agency and The Advey Agency. Not only does The Kollhoff Insurance Agency continue to serve the valued clients of these agencies, but in many cases provides personal and business insurance for second and third generation members. In keeping with the past, the Kollhoff Insurance Agency strives to ascertain the needs of its clients and to serve their interest as if they were our own.