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As an independent agency, we represent many insurance companies, and we analyze which carrier offers you the best combination of price, coverage, and service. Our goal as an agency is to build a solid relationship of trust and rapport with our clients. This relationship is invaluable when you are faced with a loss. We provide a wide variety of insurance products that will fit your personal insurance needs including coverage for private passenger automobiles, homeowners, personal umbrella (excess liability), rental dwellings, tenants, recreational vehicles and much more.

Business Insurance

We provide property and casualty insurance designed to meet the needs of the business owner. Our goal is to ascertain those needs as if they were our own. When insurance is the solution, we have some of the finest insurers available. Call on us for a no obligation consultation.


Specialty Business Insurance

The Kollhoff Insurance Agency offers several specialized programs for specific businesses. These programs offer excellent value for the client in that the coverages are designed for each type of business. Our programs include the following lines: childcare, campgrounds, tanning, churches, gun shops and other firearms related operations, automobile repair, pest control, health clubs, and wineries.

Life and Health Insurance
There is not one simple solution that fits everyone’s needs when it comes to life and health insurance. We carefully analyze your situation and offer a variety of alternatives for your consideration. The insurers that we represent are leaders in their respective fields.

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